Continuing Medical Education

Orientation for Planners

Orientation to Faculty Planning of Certified Continuing Medical Education (CME) Activities at Stanford

Tools Used for Identification of Professional Practice Gaps:  (each educational subject in a
certified CME activity must be related to one of more of the following)

  1. National practice standards
  2. Maintenance of certification (e.g. core competencies)
  3. Need for practice improvement identified by:
    - Learners (e.g. by group survey or by request from individual practitioners)
    - Specialists often recognize areas of suboptimal practice among non-specialists 
    who manage patients in their area of specialization
    - Observed outcome trends
  4. Issues arising from departmental quality of care or patient safety monitoring
  5. Top areas of litigation
  6. Emerging research and technology of clinical relevance
  7. Policy, legal, or ethical considerations with implications for medical practice
  8. Practice management aspects which affect patient care

CME Planning Involves These Tasks:

Stanford CME staff are experts and will guide you through the process!


Stanford Center for CME, 6/05/09

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