Continuing Medical Education

Advertising & Promoting

Emphasis upon Educational Content, Not Venue.
Only the name and location of the venue may be used on promotional materials for continuing medical education (CME) activities. Images or descriptions of the venue are not allowed. A venue web site address may be included for learners to obtain additional information. Use of Stanford imagery in medical education promotion is encouraged.

Stanford medical education marketing must focus exclusively on educational content. As such, promotional material may not include destination imagery (e.g. palm trees, the Golden Gate Bridge) or recreational activities (e.g. surfing, skiing). Images included in promotional material should be related to the course content.

Freedom from Commercial Marketing or Product Messaging.
All Stanford medical education syllabi, brochures, course web sites, lecture slides, etc. must be entirely free of commercial marketing or product messaging such as logos and slogans.

No Promotion by Commercial Interests.
Stanford medical education activities are not permitted to be marketed on corporate web sites or marketed by corporate entities because it could be misunderstood to imply a relationship that does not exist.

Only Limited Promotion Permitted Before Approval of Formal Application.
With the exception of a “save the date” notice, which includes only title, date and location (with no mention of CME credit), no promotion of a CME activity may occur until the application for credit has been approved.

All CME Promotional Material Must Be Approved by the Stanford Center for CME.
Faculty involvement in the promotional process is encouraged. However, before distribution or posting, all promotional materials must be approved by the Stanford Center for CME.


Stanford Center for CME 7/24/09

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